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Say Goodbye to Pain - Stress - Cravings

Our holistic health clinic is located on Loma Vista Drive off of Fulton Ave. in Sacramento. We embrace body, mind, and spirit as the foundation for joy and health. Our founder, Carolyn Reuben, is a licensed acupuncturist. Her specialty is the elimination of allergies and the end to cravings of all kinds, including foods, drugs, and behaviors, through pharmaceutical-free methods of brain repair. Her tools are acupuncture, acupressure, self-talk techniques like tapping, nutritional supplements, and nutritious foods.

We welcome you to consider us your neighborhood's healing, relaxing place where body, mind, and spirit find sustenance and joy.

New Healing Science


Natural Addiction Treatment


"Carolyn Reuben has long treated our family for various allergies. Recently I worked with her to customize a recovery program for me.

After four months I have a greatly improved sense of well being, and no longer desire several stiff whiskeys every evening. It is a miracle" 

- J Chasko -

There are several root causes of discomforts that create cravings for sugary treats, alcoholic beverages, or drugs. Besides emotional causes, we can simply have too few feel-good chemicals in the brain, a nutritional deficiency, or an allergy to a food, chemical, or plant.


We often blame ourselves for our predicament, and others may blame us, too. However, though will power is useful and taking responsibility for our actions is a sign of maturity, the underlying cause of cravings is a biochemical imbalance that must be addressed for permanent results.


If we keep resorting to drugs even after graduating from a treatment program, it is more than simply a dysfunctional family of origin or traumatic experiences in life that is triggering our behavior. Some people suffer trauma and do not comfort themselves with alcohol, drugs, or compulsive eating.


We who do respond with these behaviors have fewer resources inside our biochemical landscape to buffer the intensity of the stressful experiences, and seek something outside ourselves for self-medication. But if we can change and strengthen our inner biochemical landscape, even future stresses won't trigger re-use of drugs or food.


Neural Nutrient Therapy

We may continue to use a substance like alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, or heroin or other drugs not so much for a "high," but rather to feel normal. This suggests that we were born into a family with too few messenger molecules called neurotransmitters 


Neurotransmitters carry messages of well-being from one nerve to another to regulate our mood, energy- and well-being. When these chemicals are out of balance we feel discomfort, unhappiness, or even physical pain. 


Insufficient neurotransmitters called endorphins increases our sensitivity to pain. If we are missing adequate catecholamines we are tired, apathetic, and can't concentrate. Too little serotonin can cause us self-blame, sleep disturbance, obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviors, irritability and fear; anything but calm. With low levels of GABA we are often anxious and tense. 


Conventional medicine may treat depression can by forcing deficient levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin into balance with drugs called Select Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs, like Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft) . These SSRIs halt the recycling of serotonin, an important mood neurotransmitter, increasing the amount in the brain, and often offering temporary relief.


Other common antidepressants are called Serotonin and Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs, like Cymbalta, Effexor, or Pristiq) which block the re-absorption (reuptake) of both the neurotransmitter serotonin and the neurotransmitter norepinephrine.


The problem is that when we stop the body from absorbing these messengers and we already have too few of them to begin with, we may end up with a more severe deficiency leading to frequent medication adjustments and inevitably unsatisfactory results. 


Contrast this with nutrient therapy, which gives the body what it needs to build a greater supply of the missing neurotransmitters and leads to a permanent correction even if the problem existed from birth. 


Addiction, "Weakness," or simply an imbalance? 

We may think that getting high is what it's all about: that we need to get high, we like getting high, and we lack the will power to stop. But the fact can actually be the opposite: while we may enjoy intoxication, we don't really want to do it constantly, because constant use becomes less enjoyable and detracts from our relationships and self growth. No, the real reason behind daily use is as a form of medication for uncomfortable feelings. Unfortunately, it's a medication with deleterious effects on our physical and emotional well being and relationships. 


Imagine that we can remove the underlying feeling of discomfort, so that we don't need to reach for a remedy. Wouldn't this remove the need to indulge? The fact is that this is exactly what happens with Neural Nutrient Therapy. Specific nutritional supplements improve our mental and emotional well-being, which removes the need for our addiction. As an adjunct to nutrients, you will also receive auricular therapy, which speeds the release of feel-good chemicals, helps eliminate cravings, and regulates the various systems of the body including hormones, pain-relievers, antihistamines, and digestive molecules to enhance the experience of healing. 


Emotional Healing 

Another reason for addiction is to mask painful emotional feelings, often from childhood, traumas, or "failures". The Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple procedure that can wipe away painful reactions to old memories, removing another trigger for addiction. 


Allergy Elimination

The third cause for addictions can be allergic reactions or sensitivities to a wide range of substances. The discomfort from these reactions may be masked by an addiction, or even involve a syndrome of consumption followed by a next day reaction that is relieved by more consumption.


These reactions are caused by an inappropriate immune response. The NAET technique applies acupressure or acupuncture to reprogram the immune system  to eliminate this response. It is a highly effective and permanent cure for food, chemical, and environmental reactions. 


Course of Treatment

Harmony Health offers a comprehensive treatment program that addresses the root causes of addictive behaviors, including body, mind, and spirit. 


The program is fast and effective. However, it takes a reasonable amount of time for anyone to shift thinking and behavior. We ask that you to give yourself that time, so you can achieve the best possible outcome. It will take a minimum of three months until the nutritional program personally designed and adjusted for your needs results in a possible reduction in supplementation, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) process has successfully moved you toward freedom from addiction, and your food choices have caught up with your desire to feel better and stay solidly on your path to wellness. That is why we expect a commitment of 12 weeks for optimum results.